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June 25, 2011

I haven't really touched this project in a while as I lost the need for it and can't anyways justify the memory usage that would be required to run a Django-based image gallery for my own purposes. If I get involved in some adventure that re-kindles my interest in such a project, I will likely get it back going again, though probably back with PHP for its more palatable resource requirements.

May 13, 2009

So now I've been playing with Django for a bit and it's pretty cool. A very capable site can be written in very few lines of code. Anyways, The site now allows people to register, log in, create albums, and post images. A lot more to come. Unfortunately, Django also means that my hosting provider will not suffice for a demo. Once I get the server fixed, it will be available somewhere on I am now aiming for a much more fully featured image gallery, merging the chronological and collaborative design of the site on with a more traditional image gallery and adding a few new features.

May 3, 2009

Heh... I got pissed about the late static binding issue. It's now being written in python.

I started this just now because I wanted to put pretty pictures on the site, but figured that I might as well make a nice image gallery. My old one, more trip/event oriented can be seen at I just wanted a simple album/image one built with a decent enough structure to be included in any site along side in a heavily dynamic environment. Anyways, I'll post a lot of pretty pictures and some source once it's working.

It's so far written for PHP5 (w/ImageMagick for scaling) and MySQL 4+.

Update! So I got frustrated and will look at it again later. The way I initially structured some of the classes is dependent on a more proper interpretation of static inheritance. I had forgotten that the static self as used in a parent class will not address a child class, but instead that same parent class. There seems to be a lot of bitching going around the PHP community over this and it seems completely deserved. The problem is best described here and there looks to be no fix for it until PHP 5.3.0, which I don't want as a dependency. I'll rework it later.

For novelty and contrast, there's a 38-line open & anonymous image gallery up on GrandpaFuckinSpaceshuttle.

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